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Becoming an Entrepreneur in CK

Chatham-Kent is
booming with small business. Want to start your own? Check out the Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board and the work they've put into "A Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in Chatham-Kent".

The Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board was created in 2009 to meet a need in local workforce planning. One of the Board's strategies is to support the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in Chatham-Kent's companies and workers.

From this strategy, A Guide to Being an Entrepreneur in Chatham-Kent was created. The guide is a starting point for individuals considering becoming an entrepreneur. The guide highlights the specific traits and qualities it takes to become an entrepreneur as well as the resources available in Chatham-Kent for those considering entrepreneurship. In addition, there is firsthand testimonial from individuals who chose to create and grow their business right here in Chatham-Kent.

The Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board also created a video on Being an Entrepreneur in Chatham-Kent that highlights some of the resources available to those considering entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneur success stories.

Anyone interested in more information on either of these resources should contact:

Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board
54 Fourth Street, Chatham ON
(519) 352-7540 ext. 43

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