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Nestled in the southwest corner of Chatham-Kent, the town of Wheatley (population ~1,900) sits on the shore of Lake Erie and boasts the nickname “Freshwater Fishing Capital of the World”.

Amateur anglers enjoy an abundance of perch, walleye, trout, salmon and other species and many local restaurants feature a fresh catch-of-the-day. Sport charters, commercial fisheries and recreational boaters take advantage of the port facilities of Wheatley Harbour, revitalized in April 2010.

The primary waterfowl migration route attracts flocks of birdwatchers in spring and autumn. Nature lovers of all kinds have many options to choose from, such as Wheatley Provincial Park and the Two Creeks Conservation Area. Rondeau Provincial Park and Point Pelee National Park are also an easy drive away. For tourists, Wheatley offers an abundance of bed and breakfasts, cottage rentals, and family camping at the local family campground: Camper’s Cove.

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Boats docked in a river by an industrial building

Boats docked by Lake Erie
Photo courtesy of Doug Woodman

Wheatley’s location on the busiest of the Great Lakes makes it ideal for marine-based businesses like Hike Metal, manufacturer of both lake and ocean-going vessels. It is home to some of Canada’s largest fresh fish producers as well as processed food giant Cavendish Farms. The town’s proximity to the United States also facilitates easy cross-border trade and distribution.

The view of a creek surrounded by trees and long grass

Wheatley Provincial Park
Photo courtesy of Vince Gagnier

Wheatley celebrates its connection to the Great Lakes through its annual Fish Festival, which takes place in August each year. The festival includes family activities and midway rides, a singing contest, and all you can eat fish-fry. Summer concerts are held outdoors weekly at Two Creeks Conservation Area.

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