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Wallaceburg Welcome SignWallaceburg is a community of approximately 11,000, located on the north-west border of Chatham-Kent. It sits along the banks of the scenic Sydenham River, which flows directly into the St Clair River and connects to the Great Lakes. Wallaceburg is only a short drive away from a number of Canadian-US border crossings.

Residents of Wallaceburg enjoy a fantastic quality of life. The town offers affordable housing and a bustling downtown core with a variety of boutique shops and restaurants. Wallaceburg’s unique marina facilities make the town an ideal spot for fishing, boating, and hunting. After enjoying a day out on the river or lake, boaters can dock alongside the main street for an evening of shopping and dining. The Sydenham Campus of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, located in the Sydenham District Hospital, keeps the population of Wallaceburg and the surrounding communities healthy and safe. 

The town has a long association with the manufacturing sector, and until recently it was famous for its glass, brass, and sugar industries. Today Wallaceburg is home to a number of manufacturing companies including Rulmeca Canada, Aarkel Tool and Die Inc., Wabtec, and Lambton Conveyor. The town markets itself as the “Tool and Die Capital of North America” and is very proud of its skilled labour force.

Boats on the Sydenham River. Credit: Herman GiethoornThe community has a rich history, which is showcased and celebrated at the Wallaceburg and District Museum. Visitors to the museum can learn more the Baldoon Mystery, a series of unexplained events which occurred near the town in 1830 and which attracted attention from across the province. The region has been home to First Nations people for over six thousand years, and Wallaceburg is minutes away from the Bkejwanong Walpole Island First Nations community.

Wallaceburg is also home to WAMBO (Wallaceburg Antique Motor and Boat Outing), an annual event that showcases antique cars, boats, buses and firetrucks. Started in 1988, WAMBO is now one of the largest transportation shows in Canada. The weekend-long event also includes music, dancing, food, and craft displays.

With the town’s state-of-the-art trails and pathways for cyclists and walkers, Wallaceburg residents are able to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Other recreational facilities in the town include an indoor pool, arena, athletic fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, a skateboard park and golf course.

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