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Preparing a Resume


Your resume is your personal marketing brochure – it should stand out from the crowd so that the employer will want to invite you to an interview.



 Purpose of a resume

Your resume (along with a Career Profile) is critical to securing an interview.

Your resume should be no more than two or three pages long, with references on a separate page.

Getting Started

Your resume should be based on your skills, experiences, and qualifications compared to those in the job ad for each position.

Please include in your resume your current and past employer’s names, and under each employer include job titles, dates you were in each position, and a summary of your experience for each position.

Please also give more detailed information in your resume for those areas where you answered ‘yes’ in the Career Profile.

There are four sections that should be included in your resume:

  • Name and contact details
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Details regarding any additional skills or experience, training undertaken, computer skills, foreign languages spoken and professional associations you belong to; also, if you have been out of work recently, any voluntary work done during this time is also a good selling point


When you are designing your resume, keep in mind the following points:

  • List your name on separate lines on each page
  • Your resume should be individualized for each position you are applying to; resumes that are too generic and without a clear career objective are likely not to be reviewed
  • Make sure the most important and relevant information is listed near the top
  • Use action words/skill phrases to describe your accomplishments
  • Use white space liberally, you should be easy to read and uncluttered
  • Create bullets highlighting the responsibility and accomplishments of your job duties under each employer
  • Choose a standard typeface and a font size (between 10 and 12 for the body and 12 and 13 for headings)
  • Use headings consistently (i.e. same font, same size, etc.), don't overuse design elements such as bold, fancy fonts, etc - it will make your resume hard to read

Your resume should be free from hand-written corrections, grammatically correct with no spelling errors - check your spelling and grammar and proofread it over and over again

Personal Information

Do not include personal information such as a picture, marital status, social insurance number, driver’s license number, reference to family members (children), date of birth, race, etc.

Before You Start

Before your start preparing your resume, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you train or orient other staff on office policies and procedures?
    Did you institute any procedures that improved office operations, enhanced customer service or reduced costs?
    Did you organize any events or meetings that positively impacted the company?
    Did you assist with any special projects, such as creation of a newsletter or direct mail campaign? What were the results of the projects?







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