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In 1988, the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame was created to honour those that demonstrated unselfish achievement within the realm of agriculture and service to the rural community.
Photo image of Malcolm R.McDougall

McDougall, Malcolm R.

- 1990

Inducted: November 28, 1990

Malcolm R. McDougall brought to agriculture unique leadership qualities, combined with a quiet, soft-spoken persuasion that restored harmony to many farm organization meetings.

Mr. McDougall attended Raglan Public School and Blenheim High School before he started working on the home farm with his father and brother. That, and his experiences after he purchased his own farm near Guilds in 1933 convinced him that farmers had to work together to achieve something more stable than the bottomed-out depression commodity prices.

This conviction was expressed in his involvement in organizations designed to improve the lot of farmers. He was President of the Kent Federation of Agriculture in 1960, and a hard-working member both before and after.

Mr. McDougall was a Director and later the Chairman of the Ontario White Bean Marketing Board during the time when a Bean Growers' Co operative was established.

Mr. McDougall worked to help set up the Ontario Wheat Producers' Marketing Board, and was a Director and later its Chairman from 1970-72. All of his talents as a peace-maker were needed when the Ontario Burley Tobacco Marketing Board ran into problems, leading to the appointment of a study committee and an auction system of marketing.

Mr. McDougall joined, on behalf of the Kent Federation of Agriculture, in the unsuccessful fight to persuade Canada and Dominion Sugar Company to reverse its decision to close down the Chatham refinery and, with it, the Ontario sugar beet industry.

Mr. McDougall's abilities were put to work on other community and provincial projects. He was a member of the Rondeau Master Planning Advisory Committee through the two years when it charted the future development of the provincial park. His interest in the agricultural community encouraged him to serve on Harwich Township Council; for seven years as a councillor, two years as Deputy Reeve, and a year as Reeve.

He served as a member of the Farm Credit Corporation Appeal Board (Ontario Division) until retiring in 1977.

Mr. McDougall's contribution to agriculture was recognized in 1982, when he received the Kent Federation of Agriculture "Meritorious Award."

A long-term associate, asked to summarize Mr. McDougall's qualities, said, "You can say it in a few words. He was a gentleman...always a gentleman."