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In 1988, the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame was created to honour those that demonstrated unselfish achievement within the realm of agriculture and service to the rural community.
Photo image of James W. Jubinville

Jubinville, James W

- 1992

Inducted: October 28, 1992

James W. Jubinville became a professional seed grower in 1934, determined not to just survive the Depression, but to achieve the highest standards in everything he grew.

He was among the early producers of hybrid seed corn in Canada, and established a processing plant on his Tilbury East Township property.
That plant was sold to Pioneer in 1946, and used by the company until
its facilities were located near Chatham.

Mr. Jubinville was born in Tilbury East, the son of Alexander and Evelyn Jubinville. He completed his elementary education at S.S. No. 2, Tilbury East, Valetta, and later graduated from Tilbury Continuation School. His early ambition was to be a doctor, but the money was not available for a university education so he went to work on the farm.

His marriage to Eva Askin, family responsibilities, and his commitment
to quality production, still left time for community involvement. He served as Trustee and Chairman of the Board of S.S. No. 2, Tilbury East; and was an Elder, Steward and choir member at Tilbury United Church.

Mr. Jubinville also became involved in organizations devoted, as he was, to quality production and the betterment of agriculture. He served as a Director of the Kent Federation of Agriculture, of the Canadian Seed
Corn Growers' Association, and of the Kent Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Mr. Jubinville was President of the Seed Committee of the Ontario
Soil and Crop Improvement Association, now the Ontario Seed Growers' Association; and of the Kent County Soil and Crop Improvement Association and Kent Seed Growers. He was the first President and a charter member of the Tilbury Farmers' Co operative; and was active in the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Marketing Board.

In 1963, he was the recipient of the Robertson Associate Award from
the Canadian Seed Growers' Association; a Select Grower since 1953.

His more than 50 years of continuous seed production make him a
dean in this field; one of the group of Canadian farmers who have made quality seed production their life's work.

Mr. Jubinville's decision to take flying lessons at the age of 68 was typical of his adventurous approach to life. He has also been a member of Windsor Pollution Probe, reflecting his interest in environmental concerns that influence agriculture.

The Jubinvilles have nine children: Molly, Richard, Darrell, Garry, Maxine, Rose Mary, Francis, Tom and Susan.

Bill Shanks said of him: "Jim Jubinville has received national recognition as a professional seed grower. He has always been well read and well-versed on the topic at hand; a family man who has always found time for the betterment of his community, province and country."