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Service Inquiries

Conventional Transit service in Chatham is provided by In-Touch Connection. To inquire about service or to lodge a complaint please call 519-436-3233.

Hours of Service

Monday to Saturday:  6:15 a.m. to 7:15 p.m., frequency is approximately every 30 minutes 

Excludes statutory holidays

For information on the Evening Service pilot, please click here.

Schedule/Route Information

Please be advised that the NextBus APP on your smartphone/device or computer will not function after December 31, 2019.  CKTransit has discontinued the current contract with the company and has been working over the past year to set up a new service provider.

Part of the testing and set up process was to send our transit route data to Google through a GTFS feed.  Google has been reviewing our bus route data since early November and has yet to approve our GTFS feed.  Once Google approves our data, CKTransit users will be able to go directly to Google Maps to plan trips and view bus locations.  In addition, CKTransit will be providing information on a recommended new transit app for real-time bus arrival times.

Having the GTFS feed will provide our transit users with several options to determine route times and bus locations for all routes in Chatham-Kent (Inter Urban and Chatham Conventional).

We apologize for the service interruption. We are still working with Google through their audit process and it is taking longer than anticipated.  Once Google completes their process an announcement will be made here and through our social media accounts.

For any schedule or route information, please contact InTouch Connection directly by calling 519.436.3233. The route maps including the schedule information are also available as downloads on this page.


The following routes are available for Conventional Transit. The Route Map is also available in the download section or click here: See Map 

Route 1 

Route 1 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>Third Street>St. Clair Street>Grand Ave West>St. Clair College>McNaughton Ave> Baldoon Road>Oxley Drive>Timmins Crescent>McFarlane Ave>St. Clair Street>McNaughton Ave>Sheldon Ave>Wilson Ave>Fielder Ave>Sandys Street>Grand Ave>St. Clair Street>Third Street>Wellington Street West> Centre Street>Terminal

Route 2 

Route 2 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>Fifth Street>King Street>Third Street>St. Clair Street>North Maple Mall>St. Clair Street>Jackson Drive>Victoria Ave>McNaughton Ave>Michener Road>Grand Ave>Taylor Ave>Forest Street>Van Allen>Grand Ave>Thames Street>Fifth Street>Centre Street>Terminal

Route 3 

Route 3 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>William Street>William Street>Murray Street>Princess Street>Colbourne Street>Sass Road>Park Ave>Park Lane>Tweedsmuir Ave>John Street>Tissiman Ave>Queen Street>Cecile Ave>Lacroix Street>Indian Creek Road>St. Michael Ave>Sylvester Drive>Tweedsmuir Ave>Foreman Drive>Eugenie Street>Pine Street>Park Ave>St. George Street>Park Street>William Street>Wellington Street>Terminal

Route 4 

Route 4 follows: See Map

Terminal>Centre Street>Wellington Street>Second Street>King Street West>Merritt Ave>Riverview Drive>Keil Drive South>Richmond Street>Bloomfield Road>Park Ave West>Keil Dr South>Tweedsmuir Ave>Wedgewood Av>Park Ave West>Lacroix Street>Richmond Street>Queen Street>School Street>Centre Street>Wellington Street>Terminal

Route 5

Route 5 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>Fifth Street>Thames Street>Victoria Ave>Grand Ave West>Lacroix Street>Emma Street>Violet Street>Grand Ave West>Courthouse Lane>Grand Ave West>St. Clair College>Grand Ave West> Keil Drive>Riverview Drive>Community- Living>Bloomfield Road>Richmond Street>Casino>Richmond Street> Queen Street>McLean Street>William Street>Park St>Princess Street>King Street>Wellington Street>Terminal