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Transfer Policy

​What is a transfer?

If your journey requires you to board more than one bus, you can request a transfer slip at the time you pay your fare when boarding the first bus. You then show this slip to the driver when you board the second bus so you do not have to pay another fare.

Transfer Policy and Guidelines

A valid paper or electronic transfer is accepted as full fare on all Chatham Conventional Transit Bus Routes. Transfers are time stamped when printed. A valid transfer must be used within 70 minutes of the time of issue and can be used on all Conventional Routes, including the next subsequent run on the route the transfer was issued. A transfer may not be used on the same trip/run that the transfer was issued. A paper transfer must be requested at the same time the fare is paid.

Paper transfers will only be issued for:

  • exact cash fares
  • multi-ride paper passes
  • single ride paper tickets
  • Cash Pass (only when used to pay for multiple riders/companions)

The 30-Day Pass Smart Card has unlimited use for the person to whom the card is issued and does not require a transfer.

The Cash Pass Smart Card has an electronic transfer activated at the time the fare is paid (validated). 

Paper transfers will not be issued when using Smart Cards. If a rider is using a Cash Pass and is paying for multiple riders (companions) and is using the same Cash Pass, only one (1) paper transfer may be requested for each companion. 

All transfers must be used by the person to whom the transfer was issued. 

Transfers may be used for the Inter-Urban Service. A valid transfer that was issued on the Conventional Service may be used on any Inter-Urban Service Route on the next subsequent trip/run for a "top-up" fee.

See transfer points map for locations.