The Landscape in Flux: Mike Blazek and Scott Taylor

"The Landscape in Flux" features two local photographers who respond to the fluidity of the world around them. Each artist presents a very personal vision while sharing dominant themes of presence, impermanence and the undeniable reach of nature’s power. Together, Taylor and Blazek explore the unsettled yet persistently beautiful place the landscape continues to hold for us in the age of the Anthropocene.

  Scott Taylor, B&W Storm Over Erieau Lighthouse

Scott Taylor is a cartographer by training and has worked in locations as remote as the Canadian Arctic and West Africa. A keen observer of the landscape, Taylor continues to cite the Lake Erie shoreline of his native Chatham-Kent as one of his favourite places. Shooting predominately in black and white, the vision of nature he presents shifts mysteriously between serenity and unpredictable power.
Mike Blazek
Mike Blazek was born in Czechoslovakia and has traveled extensively. A long-time resident of Chatham-Kent, Blazek’s practice uses an in-camera technique to layer images and abstract his subject. Particularly drawn to the forest’s interior spaces, the artist further questions the experience of presence by projecting his images directly onto architectural and material elements within the gallery space.