Rent the Kiwanis Theatre

The Chatham Cultural Centre - Kiwanis Theatre is a municipal, non-profit theatre committed to providing visitors with high quality, professional programs and facilities. As such, the Theatre’s primary use is for performing arts activities. The Theatre is also available for a number of other activities including but not limited to lectures, films, meetings and graduations.

Limitations of Use - Services of a technician, custodian, stagehand and other appropriate trained personnel are required for all activities. Rent, services and equipment will be assessed as outlined in Appendix 1 - Approved Rates.

Scheduling Priority

The programs of the Kiwanis Theatre shall take precedence over any other rental activities for the use of the Theatre.

It is noted that a number of user groups activities are carried over from year to year with dates being confirmed on an annual basis with the Facility Booking Coordinator. These user groups include the Kiwanis Music Festival, Sears Drama Festival, Theatre Kent, Chatham Cultural Centre Chorale, CKSS Annual Musical and Families First.

The use of the theatre by all other organizations shall be on a first-come first-served basis subject to the scheduling priorities listed above.

The Kiwanis Theatre has a proscenium (picture frame) stage with an extended apron in front. Seating capacity is 679 plus the wheelchair section, and is reduced when seats are removed to accommodate an orchestra, bad sight lines, or a soundboard.

Photo of Studio One at the Cultural Centre

Rent Studio One

Studio One is a multi-use room in a very unique setting. With its brick walls and intimate atmosphere, Studio One is suitable for a wide range of activities including reception, meetings, performances, marketplaces, lectures, films and more. It is equipped with many amenities to make your visit with us as enjoyable as possible.

Air Conditioning

Studio One is air conditioned. 


Available upon request.


Equipment/set-up available at no charge. This includes:
  • Podium
  • Tables/chairs
  • Head Table
We also have a wide variety of audio/visual and sound and lighting equipment available for rent. Please enquire for pricing and availability.


A water fountain is located in the main lobby of the building, near the Box Office.


Parking is provided free of charge. There are 2 parking lots: the largest one is located via William Street North and the other via Murray Street.

Picnic Areas 

Enjoy the many picnic areas, located across the street in beautiful Tecumseh Park.

Public Telephone 

A pay telephone is located via the William Street North entrance.

Public Transportation

There is a bus stop located near the Chatham Cultural Centre/Milner Heritage House parking lot on William Street North. The main downtown bus terminal is located within walking distance from the Centre.


There is a wheelchair accessible washroom located in the main lobby of the Centre.


Access to the use of a wheelchair during your visit is available.

Wheelchair Accessibility 

Yes, please enter via the parking lot off William Street North.

For rental information, please contact the Facility Booking Coordinator at 519.354.8346 or email