Children performing on stage at the Kiwanis Theatre

Take A Bow Productions began in 1999 with the debut of Comedy Improv Nights. This production was a first in Chatham-Kent, as it was a ground-breaking opportunity for youth and adults to perform on stage as a team.

For thirteen years we have been offering schools and members of the community year-round professional training programs and performance opportunities. Our mandate is to provide and encourage professional educational opportunities using methods of active learning and performance for youth.

The methods used in our dance and drama programs embrace drama, dance, music and visual arts, without obscuring their uniqueness. Everyone has the capacity to be artistically expressive. Once these dance and  drama techniques are experienced, they last for a lifetime and can be  applied in other endeavours. Our programs and productions teach the value of continual effort to achieve excellence, and he concrete rewards of self-confidence and artistic  accomplishment.

Children and Teens need expressive outlets. At Take A Bow Productions & Take A Bow KIDS Productions we encourage and provide a proactive learning environment to assist young people to develop their personal skills and to further their prospects in whatever field they choose to follow.