Inducted: November 29, 1989

Archibald McDiarmid

He was a self-taught civil engineer who made his own surveyor's equipment and was officially engaged by Howard and Orford townships for many of the early drainage and survey projects. He was born in Scotland. The family farm was located a short distance southeast of Ridgetown.

The original plow, known as "Number One", was single furrow and horse-drawn and was used by its maker to win at many important Ontario-wide plowing matches of the day. He further perfected this plow and named it the "McDiarmid Number Two." The show plow was widely exhibited at trade fairs around the world, winning many awards for its excellence. In the late 1800s, it was recognized as the best in the world for plowing sod.

The McDiarmid show plow, "Number One", was originally nickel plated, adorned with a silver-plated monkey wrench and gold-plated ornaments. In 1979, this plow was exhibited at the International Plowing Match and Farm Machinery Show held in Kent County.

The first major plowing award won by Mr. McDiarmid with his plow, after winning at many lesser events, was the silver medal at the Kent County Agricultural Society's match in 1866. In later years, he became a plowing judge and a coach for many future match winners.

Mr. McDiarmid, as Deputy Reeve of Howard Township in 1880, was a member of the Kent County Council.