Inducted: November 29, 1989

Peter Lugtigheid

Mr. Lugtigheid was born in Delft, Holland, where he attended public school, and studied agriculture at night school. In April, 1927, he emigrated to Canada, in the vanguard of farmers from the Netherlands who chose Kent County as their new home.

Mr. Lugtigheid worked on a farm near Thamesville, before locating in Harwich Township near Charing Cross and acquiring the first of three farms in that township and in Raleigh Township. He was a member of the first Immigration Committee organized by the Canadian government to help new arrivals from Europe, who benefited from his good advice and encouragement.

Mr. Lugtigheid became involved in a number of farm organizations. He served as President of the Kent County Cream Producers' Association and was a Director of the Ontario Cream Producers' Marketing Board for 11 years.

Mr. Lugtigheid helped in the establishment of an Ontario Vegetable Growers' Marketing Board, and was a Director of the Kent association.

Mr. Lugtigheid was an active sugar beet grower, and participated in the promotion of the Ontario Pork Producers' Marketing Plan. He was Charter President of the Kent Asparagus Growers' Association; and was a Director of the Ontario Asparagus Growers' Association.

Mr. Lugtigheid played an active role in the Credit Union movement, and served as a Director on the Chatham Credit Union Board for many years.

His work has been recognized. He received the Kent Federation of Agriculture Meritorious Award in 1981.

Mr. Lugtigheid received a citation from the Ontario Cream Producers' Marketing Board for his years of service; and a citation from the Credit Union movement.

One of the high points of Mr. Lugtigheid's life was when he was a guest of Premier David Peterson at a dinner for Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix, and His Royal Highness, Prince Claus of the Netherlands in 1988.