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How to complete this form

To complete this form, save a copy of this file onto your computer, and then enter all required information onto that saved form.  When completed, email a copy of the completed Nomination Form to Kathryn Vanek, Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame Secretary at the following email address –, and mail the original hard copy and any letters of support to Kathryn Vanek at the address below.

If you are unable to complete the form on a computer, you can print off a copy of the form and complete the form by hand.  When completed, you should keep a copy for your records and mail the original hard copy and any letters of support to Kathryn Vanek at the following address.  If you should have any questions regarding the Nomination Form, you can also telephone Kathryn at 519-683-2929.

Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame Association
c/o Kathryn Vanek, Secretary
11248 Eberts Line
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5J2


  1. Nominees may be individuals, partners (e.g. – husband and wife, and/or siblings) however, families, businesses and other groups would not be eligible.
  2. Application deadline is March 31st of every year.
  3. The announcement of the inductees for the current year is usually made at a Council Meeting of the Chatham-Kent Council in June of said year.
  4. The Induction Ceremony of the inductees is annually held around the middle of November.
  5. Primary Eligibility Requirements
    1. A nominee does not have to be born in Chatham-Kent or currently live in Chatham-Kent, but their body of work must have taken place in Chatham-  Kent.
    2. Any person being inducted into the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame may be either living or deceased.
    3. To be eligible for induction into the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame, an individual must have demonstrated unselfish achievement within the realm of agriculture and/or service to the rural community of Chatham-Kent and/or beyond.
               (a) “unselfish” – benefitting and/or moving others forward, not just oneself or one’s own operation/enterprise/business.
               (b)  “achievement within the realm of agriculture” 
               (c) “service to the rural community” – with regard to helping or benefitting society in the surrounding rural neighbourhood(s)

  6. Secondary Nomination Considerations:  In addition to considering the weight and merit of the Primary Eligibility Requirements that have been met (as presented above), the Board of Directors of the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame Association also takes these secondary guidelines into consideration when making their nominee decisions:
         (a)  A target of 3 – 5 inductees per year, depending on the number and caliber of nominations
         (b)  Representation across various agricultural sectors, including production, education research, commercial, media, etc.
         (c)  Living vs. deceased
         (d)  Geographical area in which the nominee did his/her work.

  7. Letters of Support:  You are strongly encouraged to provide up to three (3) letters of support to reinforce the nomination of your candidate.  These letters should be from people that are very familiar with the work of the individual(s) and should speak not only to his/her life, but to the achievements and the benefits of those achievements accrued to agricultural and the rural communities in Chatham-Kent as a result of the nominee’s work.  Letters should clearly provide the name of the writer as well as their affiliation with the nominee
  8. Information pertaining to the nominee is to be submitted on this Hall of Fame Nomination Form.  If more space is required to provide the information requested, please use the space provided on the last page of the form.  Information is to be limited to only those fields listed on the form.  Other than separate letters of support, please do not forward additional information not conforming to this format.
  9. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines may be returned to the nominator for further clarification and resubmission for the following year.
  10. Upon notification of acceptance of the nominee for induction, it is understood that the nominator(s) may be called upon to provide additional information to assist the Hall of Fame Biographer in composing the finished biography of the nominee which will be used for both the induction ceremony and the Hall of Fame website. All materials provided become the property of the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame Association, unless clearly stated otherwise at the time of submission.
  11. Please note that all fields are required to be completed for a successful submission.


It is understood that the Nominator will assume responsibility for providing as complete as possible, a biography of the successful nominee to ensure proper documentation of the individual for future public reference. All materials so provided become the property of the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame Association, unless clearly stated otherwise at the time of submission.

Induction Nomination Form