Agriculture Hall of Fame LogoThe Association also has a part-time secretary, as well as an Official Biographer who researches information on each of the inductees and prepares their official biographies. 

In addition to the regular operation of the Association, the Board of Directors has the responsibility of reviewing the information received in support of the nominations, and for making the selection of those individuals to be inducted into the Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame.  Membership on the Board of Directors is reviewed at the Annual Meeting.

2018 Board of Directors

  • Lynn Girty (Chair)
  • Peter Hensel (Vice-Chair)
  • Julie Rhodes
  • Ken Stevenson
  • Mary Anne Udvari
  • Councillor Frank Vercouteren
  • Alice Uher
  • Rick Youlton
  • Patricia Weaver Blonde
  • Barry Fraser


  • Jamey Campbell, Treasurer
  • Kathryn Vanek, Secretary
  • Patricia Weaver Blonde, Biographer
  • Win Miller, Honourary Lifetime Member and Past Biographer
  • Gary Paling, Book Reviewer

2018 Inductees

  • George and Ruth Bieber
  • Robert Lawrence Kerr
  • Dr. Arthur (Art) William Schaafsma


The Board of Directors, including the Appointees, are the same for 2012 as in 2011.  We will not have the names of the 2012 inductees until November of this year.