There are approximately 73 designated heritage properties in Chatham-Kent. Formal designation by by-law provides the property with protection against demolition or alteration.

Including non-designated properties on the Register is a way of acknowledging their importance, and provides a measure of interim protection. Owners of these properties are required to give Council 60 days notice of their intention to demolish. This allows time for Council to decide whether to begin the formal designation process.

The formal designation of a property requires research to carefully identify and describe what makes a property important from a heritage perspective. This is developed into a description of “reasons for designation”. If Council passes a by-law to designate a property, the reasons for designation are attached to and form part of the by-law. These “reasons for designation” are especially important when Heritage Chatham-Kent considers proposals to alter designated properties. The Committee reviews proposed changes to see how they might affect the features that make the property valuable from a heritage perspective.

Council passes designation by-laws following public notification of the intent to designate. Designation by-laws are registered on the titles of the affected properties.

Owners of heritage properties may request designation. For owners who value their properties, designation is an effective way of ensuring that future owners will maintain them as well. Heritage Chatham-Kent will also identify important properties, and work with owners to encourage this long-term protection.

Chatham-Kent Municipal Heritage Register

Part I - Designated Properties

Designated Properties

Part II - Listed Properties

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