Culture is a notoriously difficult concept to define but, in its widest sense, culture is understood as the unique ways of life that characterizes a community or social group

Cultural Resources play a key role in enhancing quality of place and enhancing local creative economies.  Municipal Cultural Planning is a tool for leveraging these assets and building a competitive advantage in a local creative economy. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent began its municipal cultural planning process in 2007 and our community’s cultural development continues to evolve.

We know that approximately 80% of future economic growth in communities grows out of assets and resources already in those communities. We also know that creativity, culture and quality of place are increasingly significant economic drivers in communities. Building a strong base of knowledge about cultural resources is the essential first step in economic and broader community development strategies.

Engaging the community at large by working with groups of visionary volunteers who understand the importance of culture to the local economy, the need for a way for the arts & culture communities to interact, share, and communicate with each other was established.  Stay tuned for updates!

Please contact the Chatham Cultural Centre at 519.354.8338 or email for a copy of the 2014 CK Cultural Plan.