Researchers can browse through over 8000 images that are part of the Chatham-Kent Museum's archival collection on the web. The Museums and Technology Fund, supported by the Government of Ontario, has allowed us to digitize part of our photographic collection and compile the images on the Our Digital World web-based database. Our Digital World is a unique organization that works in partnership with cultural and heritage organizations to make our digital content discoverable to a global audience. The museum hopes this will increase access to our history while improving stewardship of the collection since the originals will no longer need to be handled regularly.

To visit the Chatham-Kent Museum's digital collection, click here.

The Chatham-Kent Museum partnered with the Thames Art Gallery and the Chatham-Kent Public Library through this grant. To view the Thames Art Gallery's digitized art collection, click here. To view the Chatham-Kent Public Library's digitized collection of local history reference books and directories, click here.