Wastewater Facility Reports

​Wastewater facility reports are available using the links below or at the Chatham-Kent PUC office during regular business hours. The following information is available:

  • Reports given to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent by an accredited lab

  • Reports or records made of the analysis of wastewater samples carried out for Ammonia, Nitrate, TKN, Suspended Solids, Phosphorus, BOD, pH, Alkalinity

  • Approvals and orders or directions under the act that applies to wastewater systems 

Blenheim Sewage Treatment Plant  |  2020201920182017
Chatham Water Pollution Control Plant  |  2020201920182017
Clearville Park Wastewater Treatment Plant  |  2020201920182017
Dresden Water Pollution Control Plan  |  2020201920182017
Merlin Sewage Lagoon System  |  2020201920182017
Mitchell's Bay Sewage Lagoon System  |  2020201920182017
Ridgetown Water Pollution Control Plant  |  2020201920182017
Thamesville Water Pollution Control Plant  |  20172016 (decommissioned 2018)
Tilbury Water Pollution Control Plant  |  2020201920182017
Wallaceburg Water Pollution Control Plant  |  2020201920182017
Wheatley Water Pollution Control Plant  |  2020201920182017

For further information, or for a copy of a Wastewater Facility report, please contact Chatham-Kent PUC.