Drinking Water Consumer Reports

We abide by the Ontario Government's drinking water regulations (O. Reg 170/03) under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002.

Water System Annual Water Reports

Report information is available through the links below, including:

  • Every report given to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent by an accredited lab
  • Every report or record made of the analysis of water samples carried out for aluminum, chlorine residuals, fluoride or turbidity
  • Every approval and every order or direction that applies to the water systems
  • Annual drinking water reports

Bothwell Water System

2020 Bothwell Water Report  |  2019 Bothwell Water Report  |  2018 Bothwell Water Report  |  2017 Bothwell Water Report

Chatham Water System (including Pain Court, Grande Pointe, Mitchell's Bay, Dresden, Tupperville and Thamesville)

2020 Chatham Water Report  |  2019 Chatham Water Report  |  2018 Chatham Water Report  |  2017 Chatham Water Report

Ridgetown Water System

2020 Ridgetown Water Report  |  2019 Ridgetown Water Report  |  2018 Ridgetown Water Report  |  2017 Ridgetown Water Report

South Chatham-Kent Water System(including Blenheim, Charing Cross, Erie Beach, Merlin, Port Alma, Rondeau Bay Estates, Shrewsbury and South Buxton)

2020 South Chatham-Kent Water Report  |  2019 South Chatham-Kent Water Report  |  2018 South Chatham-Kent Water Report  |  2017 South Chatham-Kent Water Report

Wallaceburg Water System

2020 Wallaceburg Water Report  |  2019 Wallaceburg Water Report  |  2018 Wallaceburg Water Report  |  2017 Wallaceburg Water Report

Wheatley Water System(including Tilbury)

2020 Wheatley Water Report  |  2019 Wheatley Water Report  |  2018 Wheatley Water Report  |  2017 Wheatley Water Report

Southwest Middlesex Drinking Water System(water source for Bothwell's Water System)

2020 Southwest Middlesex Water Report  |  2019 Southwest Middlesex Water Report  |  2018 Southwest Middlesex Water Report  |  2017 Southwest Middlesex Water Report

Lambton Area Water Supply System(water source for St. Clair Township's water system)

2020 Lambton Area Water Report  |  2019 Lambton Area Water Report  |  2018 Lambton Area Water Report  |  2017 Lambton Area Water Report

For more information, or to request a copy of a report listed above, please contact Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission at 519-436-0119 or email ckpuc@chatham-kent.ca.