Interactive Map Viewers

Explore any one of our interactive maps; you can search by address, roll number, street name, etc. We also have many sets of orthophotography available to view spanning from 2001 - 2015.

Public Map Viewer Zoning Bylaw Map Viewer

General Information Map Viewer

Zoning Bylaw Map Viewer

Drainage Map Viewer Waste and Recycling Map Viewer

Drainage Map Viewer

Waste and Recycling Map Viewer

Parks and Rec Map Viewer Wind Farm Map Viewer

Parks and Recreation Map Viewer

Wind Farm Map Viewer

Bus Route Map Viewer

Bus Route Map Viewer

Map Viewer Requirements:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

Data Requests

Consultants working under contract for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent can request GIS data needed for their work.

The request must identify the project, project area and contract number for which the information is required; identify the municipality’s project manager, the consultants project manager and list, in detail, all of the data sets required. If the request is limited to a specific area, a shape file or map supporting the request is helpful.

The request must be submitted to the GIS team for processing. A data-sharing agreement will have to be signed as a result. 

The GIS data is provided under the following terms and conditions:


Please note the Terms of Use on the sidebar of the map viewers.