Intersection with a 4 way stop sign

Traffic/Regulatory Signs

Help to keep our roadways safe.  Report a missing, broken, or defaced traffic sign to

Stop Sign Down

If you see a missing or broken Stop Sign please call CK Police at 519-436-6600.

Disabled Child Warning Signs

(Child at Play, Blind Child at Play, Deaf Child at Play, Handicapped Child at Play)

These signs are not official signs for use in Ontario. Chatham-Kent’s policy is to not install new signs and to remove old signs after they have outlived their regular lifecycle.

Reasons for not installing these signs include:

  • The signage does not accurately identify the specific area or offer any additional relevant information to the driver.

  • The signage gives the driver a false sense of security in that the parents and or community also recognize the issue and will similarly be on guard.

  • The signage gives the community a false sense of security in that the community frequently assumes that drivers also recognize the issue and will similarly be on guard.

  • These warning signs often become “part of the scenery” for drivers familiar with the route and become ineffective quite quickly.

  • The usage of such signage in today’s society inadvertently identifies and singles out one or more particular individuals within the community.

  • Numerous standards, including the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, strongly discourage the use of Child Warning Signs.

  • Numerous Municipalities within Ontario, Canada and North America have taken the stance of not endorsing or supporting provision of such signage.

  • Requests for placement of such signage typically are emotionally based and the requests for signage placement are often seen as a remedy to traffic speed issues.

Warning Signs for Playground Areas and School Areas

These signs are official warning signs for use in the Province of Ontario. If warranted, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent will provide these types of warning signs.

If you have any questions, contact the Engineering and Transportation office at 519.360.1998 or email us.