What it is & Guidelines

The Radar Message Board (RMB) is a community based road safety device, which provides immediate vehicle speed feedback to drivers.

In Co-Operation With / Sponsored By:

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The Radar Message Board is…

  • A portable radar unit that combines a radar gun and a large LED speed display board. This unit runs on a 12-volt battery pack.

  • Available free of charge to community representatives in your area. The unit is completely safe, easy to set up, and operate. The RMB is available for up to five days.

  • Capable of tracking vehicle speeds. You can provide a RMB License Plate Record to the Chatham-Kent Police Services.

When you return the unit, submit your License Plate Record Form. When the police deem the speed excessive, they will send warning letters to the registered owners.

The License Plate Record information is available to Chatham-Kent Police Services and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. This allows us to keep an up-to-date inventory of vehicle speeds on your street.

If you are concerned with vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit on your street, and you would like to reserve the RMB, please contact the Engineering and Transportation Division by:

Please download and complete the Borrow Form. Also, available for download is the RMB Guidelines, which is the instruction for the proper use and setup of the RMB.