Painted white lines of a parking spot

Where Can I Purchase A Parking Permit For Municipal Lots?

  • Permits for Chatham Parking Lots - Civic Centre - 315 King Street West

  • Permits for Wallaceburg Parking Lots - Wallaceburg Service Centre - 786 Dufferin Avenue

  • See downloads for Chatham and Wallaceburg Parking Lots

Where Can I Pay A Parking Ticket?

  • Mail to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, 315 King Street West Chatham ON N7M 5K8

  • Civic Centre – 315 King Street West – front counter

  • Any Service Centre in Chatham-Kent

What Are My Options When I Receive A Parking Ticket?



Option 1

Pay the Parking Ticket at its face value 

Option 2

Request a Trial

You may request Option 2 by signing the back of your parking ticket and forwarding to the Provincial Offences Court, Communication Road (CK Route 11), just south of Highway 401 Interchange 90, or by dropping off at any Municipal Service Centre.

Don't forget to include your mailing address on the back of the ticket.

You will receive a Trial Notice in the mail, which will indicate the date, time, and location of your trial. Trials are held at the Provincial Offences Court on Communication Road @ Highway 401.

Please direct any questions regarding your parking ticket to 519.360.1998 or email us.