Where can I get a copy of my tax bill for my income tax?

If you already receive a copy of your tax bill, there is a charge for a duplicate.  If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company, contact the tax department at 519.360-1998.

My financial institution's online banking requires entry of a 23-digit account code, to open and pay my taxes. However, my property tax roll number has only 15 digits. Where can I find the 23-digit account number?

The roll number starting 3650 that is shown on your Tax Bill is the number that you will need to use. If your bank requires extra numbers enter zeros at the end of your roll number.  If this does not work, contact your bank's help desk.

If I don't pay until after the due date, will I be charged interest?

Payment after the due date is subject to a penalty of 1.25%.

My mortgage company pays my taxes. Why did I receive a bill?

We may not have a record of your mortgage company on your account. You should request that your bank contact us, in writing, to ensure we have the correct information.

I am on a pre-authorized payment plan. Why do I still receive a tax notice?

If you are on the instalment (due date) plan, your bill should indicate that you are on pre-authorized payment plan and the amount that will be deducted from your account. If it does not, please contact the tax office at 519.360.1998 to ensure we have your proper information on your account. While on the monthly plan you should only receive the final bill for your information.

How much of the year, does the interim tax represent?

The interim tax bill is an installment towards your current year taxes. It should be approximately 50% of the previous year's taxes.

What is the tax increase this year?

The current year tax increase is reflected on your final tax notice mailed in June. The impact on individual tax bills will vary, subject to Phase-ins, Tax Caps, Area Charges and assessment changes.

How does the phase-in and cap work?

The Municipality currently does not have a phase-in plan in place. The Provincial tax cap increases or claw backs to industrial, commercial and multi-residential classes are set at 10% and are applied to the final tax notice.

Are locals included as part of the interim levy?

No. All locals can only be applied to the final tax notice.

Why is my tax increase different then the budget increase?

The budget simply identifies the extra money required by Council to provide municipal services. Tax policy determines who will pay and on what basis. Tax policy is set by the Province and by Council.