The Study will evaluate alternatives for rehabilitation of the existing corridor to address the road failure/slope instability, and alternative routes/road reclassification to address the needs of the Study Area.  The study will consider the potential connection of Talbot Trail from Blenheim to Wheatley.talbot trail study area new.JPG

Study Process

The Talbot Trail EA Study is being conducted as a Schedule C project with the ability to be stepped down to a Schedule B project under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment {MCEA) (2015). The Study will follow the Class EA Process by establishing the need and justification for the project, considering all reasonable alternatives with acceptable effects on the natural, social and cultural environments, and proactively involving the public. 

Public Consultation

A draft Study Design Report is available here. The draft Study Design Report describes the study background, approach, preliminary alternatives and public consultation program. 
A Community Cafe event  was held  on February  27, 2020 to listen to stakeholders' concerns and help define the study scope and issues. The report from this event is available here.