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Please refer to the following list for information on:


The Public Works Division is responsible for the maintenance of municipal alleys. Please forward requests for permanent alley closures to 519-360-1998 or by email at

Asphalt Resurfacing

Our road crews make minor repairs to paved roads. We forward more permanent repairs to the Engineering Department.  Each year Public Works makes an inventory of the areas that require resurfacing and the Engineering and Transportation Division develops a resurfacing schedule that includes both urban and rural roads.


Public Works Division is responsible for the placement of barricades for special events and road closures, with direction from the Engineering and Transportation Division.

Boundary Roads

The following roads are shared by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and other neighbouring municipalities:

  • Clachan Road

  • MacPherson Road

  • Wheatley Road

  • Baptiste Road

  • Goodreau Line west of Wheatley road

Chatham-Kent provides most of the maintenance for these roads. Every year we invoice the applicable neighbouring municipality for 50% of the maintenance costs.

Curbs and Gutters

Curbs and gutters along urban roads are used to accumulate storm water and direct it to catch basins. 

  • Maintenance of curbs and gutters is completed by Public Works.  Contact us at 519.360.1998 or by email at to report a maintenance issue.

  • New curbs and gutters are constructed as local improvements. Please forward requests for new construction to the Engineering and Transportation Department at 519.360.1998 or by email to Additional information is also available by selecting the Local Improvements tab along the left side.

Notification of Temporary Road Closures

Public Works will close off roads to maintain and protect the safety of travellers. The Engineering and Transportation Division will then notify the necessary municipal departments, emergency agencies, and the media of the road closures. If you see a road that may require a temporary closure, please contact Public Works at 519.360.1998 or by email at  If this occurs after-hours and it appears this is an emergency situation, please contact the Chatham-Kent Police by calling (519) 352-1234.

Painted Road Markings

The Municipality contracts out painting of road markings each year. Maintenance can range from centerlines, stop bars, crosswalks, or symbols such as arrows or railroad crossings.

Pavement Heaves, Potholes, and Sinkholes

Long harsh winters, heavy traffic and time can wreak havoc on our municipal roadways. If you notice a pavement heave, pothole, or sinkhole on a road in the Municipality, please call 519.360.1998 or email

Provincial Highways

Public Works maintains all our municipal roadways with the exception of the Provincial Highways.

The portions of the highways maintained by the province are:

Highway 401

  • All of Highway 401 as well as the "on" and "off" ramps

Highway 40

  • The Intersection of Hwy 401 and Hwy 40, north to the intersection of Longwoods and Hwy 40 (east limits of Chatham)

  • From just south of Pioneer Line (north limits of the Community of Chatham) to just south of the intersection of Base Line Road and Hwy 40 (south limits of Wallaceburg)

  • From just west of Walnut Drive (west limits of Wallaceburg) to the intersection of Dufferin Avenue and Hwy 40 and north to the intersection of Hwy 40 and Whitebread Line

Please forward maintenance concerns to MTO's contractor Carillion Canada at 519.351.3557.

Requests to Re-Design Roads

Forward your requests to the Engineering and Transportation Division. This division decides if roads require updating or re-designing.  You can reach them by calling 519.360.1998 or by email at