Say No To Litter! Adopt-a-Highway!country highway road curving into a wooded area

It is a way for environmentally conscious citizens, community organizations, private business, and industry to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful municipal road system. We appreciate all efforts in cleaning up our municipal roadways.

How to Begin

To ensure public safety, participants must first complete the Adopt-A-Highway Agreement (please contact Public Works for more information). This agreement also includes information about the program.  Participants under 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian.

Let's Get Started!

To assist with highway clean-up Public Works provides:

  • Orange safety vests (to be returned upon job completion)

  • Trash bags

  • Work gloves

  • "Safety Guidelines for Volunteers" pamphlet and training

  • "Road Work" signs (to be returned upon job completion)

  • Flags (to be returned upon job completion)

  • Traffic cones (to be returned upon job completion)

After Clean-up

Leave garbage bags along the side of the road (off the right-of-way). Public Works picks them up the following work day.

Fill out a Post Clean-Up Report. (please contact Public Works for more information)

Recognition of Groups

When an organization or group has cleaned a portion of road for two consecutive years, Chatham-Kent may decide to acknowledge their efforts by erecting a sign, detailing the group's name and the stretch of road they are responsible for cleaning.

Clean Up of Highway 40

Much of Highway 40 is a Provincial road and therefore maintained by the Province's contractor, Carillion Canada.  Carillion takes care of Highway 40 from the 401 heading north to Longwoods Road, then from Gregory Drive East to Wallaceburg, then west limits of Wallaceburg to Highway 40 north to Sarnia . To reach Carillion Canada Inc. call 519.351.3557 or

The remaining section of Highway 40 (Communication Road) is maintained by Public Works. For concerns please call 519.360.1998 or email