Side walk repairs infront of a building on the corner

What is Local Improvements

Municipalities can raise all or part of the costs from the property owners whose properties abut the proposed works (Ontario Regulation 586/06, Municipal Act, 2001).

These improvements may include:

  • Sanitary or storm sewers

  • Watermains

  • Streetlights

  • Sidewalks

  • Curbs and gutters

  • Road Upgrades

How Can a Local Improvement be Undertaken?

  • By a petition of property owners

  • On the initiative of Municipal Council

  • On the recommendation of the Minister of Health or Municipal Board of Health

  • On approval from the Ontario Municipal Board

How to Submit a Proposal Request

  • A property owner must submit a written request to the Engineering and Transportation Division for review.

  • An Engineering Report will include a list of properties that will benefit from the proposed work, as well as an estimated cost based on metre frontage.

  • A petition must have enough support from the affected property owners before a project can be undertaken.

In every case, the Municipality sends a Notice to affected property owners, indicating the intention to undertake the work.

To prevent a local improvement initiated by Council, a majority of affected property owners must file a negative petition.

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