Notice is hereby given that the Municipality of Chatham-Kent intends to apply ClearView Herbicide (Reg. No.29752) containing the active ingredients: Aminopyralid, present as potassium salt and Metsulfuron – Methyl, in combination with Hasten NT Spray Adjuvant (Reg No. 28277), containing active ingredients methyl and ethyl oleate (esterified vegetable oil), under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada) for the purposes of noxious weed control, particularly Canada Thistle and Sow Thistle during the period of October 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020 along all rural portions of Chatham-Kent’s roads.

Application will be weather permitting, and confined to weed-infested portions of the right-of-way.

For further information (collect calls accepted), contact:

Steve Ford
Green Stream Lawn & Vegetation Management Inc.
Ph: 905.510.1229

Jerry Corso
Manager, Public Works South
Municipality of Chatham-Kent 
Ph: 519.360.1998 x3970 or 1.800.714.7497

Please contact the Public Works Department to request a map of the affected locations.