Tractor cutting grass on the road

Municipal Roadways

Our Public Works Department provides rural roadside mowing to improve visibility and to prevent weeds and grass from encroaching on our roadways. If there are areas that you have noticed with restricted visibility causing traffic concerns, call 519-360-1998 or email

Private Property

Our Public Works Supervisors and Weed Inspector are responsible for enforcing The Long Grass and Weed Height By-Law and The Weed Control Act. Please refer to this link Weed and Long Grass By-Laws.

Municipal Property and Public Parks

The Municipality contracts out urban grass cutting services for our municipal parks and properties. If you notice a municipal park or property that requires attention due to weeds and long grass call 519.360.1998. This covers several different departments so please contact the call centre at 519.360.1998 and they will contact the appropriate department.