The project has been completed in accordance with the requirements of Schedule C projects as outined in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment planning process.

The study included the following key components:

  • A review of background information to confirm the need for the rehabilitation or replacement of the bridge.
  • An inventory of the engineering and environmental conditions.
  • Development and evaluation of alternative design options to implement the improvements.
  • A comparative evaluation of the design options and recommendation of a preferred option.
As part of the EA process a consultation program was undertaken to seek input on the projects from directly affected residents, review agencies, general public and First Nations Communities. Public Information Centres were held on June 26th, 2019 and November 21st, 2019 to provide the community an opportunity for input on the project.

Through the evaluation of design alternatives, the preferred option is to replace the bridge superstructure while utilizing the existing bridge structure.  The following design elements will be incorporated into the replacement structure.

  • The bridge will be a fixed span configuration and will not function as a moveable bridge following replacement of the superstructure.
  • The deck cross section will consist of 3.5m wide traffic lanes (2 lanes in each direction) and 2.0 m wide sidewalks on each side.
  • Span lengths of the existing structure and average soffit and road elevations are to be maintained.
  • The design will maintain existing hydraulic capacity and navigational clearance.
  • No restrictions to network connectivity - all forms of vehicular traffic will be accommodated.
  • Pedestrian pathway connection under the bridge will be closed during construction.
  • The intent is to match the aesthetics of the existing bridge, including open railings to allow views of the river from the bridge.
  • The existing plaques will be salvaged for potential reuse.
By this notice, the Environmental Study Report for this work will be placed on public record on January 21st, 2020 for public review at the following location: or see the downloads section on this page:
                                                315 King Street West
                                                 Chatham, Ontario N7M 5K8
                                                  Hours:  8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday
                                                  Phone: (519) 360-1998

This notice initiates the 30 day calendar Public Review Period.  Comments on the report will be received until February 20, 2020.  Please forward comments to:
  • Mr. Brad Bunke,  GM BluePlan Engineering Limited  Phone: 519.672.9403  E-mail:
  • Mr. Jason Cikatricis, Municipality of Chatham-Kent  Phone: 519.360.1998  E-mail:
The class EA process entitles members of the public, interested groups, and review agencies who have significant concerns about the proposed project, to request the Minister of the Environment. Conservation and Parks (MECP) to issue an order to comply with Part II of the EA Act.  Should no Part II order requests be submitted to the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, the work undertaken in preparing this report represents the completion of the Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for the improvements to the Third Street Bridge.  The Municipality may proceed to implementation.