long bridge with 2 cement pillars over water

Thames River Bridge Openings

These are fixed bridges (they do not open and close):

  • The Prairie Siding Bridge has a height of nineteen (19) feet, depending on water levels, and is located halfway to Chatham on Jacob Road in Raleigh Township.
  • The Parry Bridge has a height of twenty (20) feet and is the first bridge encountered upon arriving in Chatham.
  • The Lacroix Street Bridge has a height of twenty-two (22) feet. It is located about ¼ mile past the Parry Bridge.
  • The Downtown Docks begin on the south side of the River behind the Chatham Civic Centre.
  • The Third Street Bridge has a height of twenty-one (21) feet.
  • The Fifth Street Bridge has a height of twenty-one (21) feet.

Sydenham River Bridge Openings

During the navigational season (May 15-October 15) Public Works opens and closes the following operational bridges in Wallaceburg on a call-ahead basis:

  • Baseline Bridge
  • Lord Selkirk Bridge
  • Lou Stonehouse Bridge
  • Murray Bridge 
  • Dundas Bridge

Please call 1-855-945-1776 to have the bridge opened.

Maintenance / Repair Request

To request maintenance or a repair on a bridge call 519.360.1998 or email CKpw@chatham-kent.ca