•  Tent Form

Tents require a building permit if:

  • they are larger than 2421 sq. ft.

  • they are enclosed by sidewalls (curtains)

  • they contain bleachers

Multiple tents in groupings shall not exceed 60 sq. m. (645 sq. ft.) without a minimum 3 metre fire break separating the grouping from other tent structures.

Building Permit  Applications are available:

  • on-line

  • from the Municipal Building Department or

  • from the Special Events Coordinator or a Customer Service Representative.  

When tents of any kind are a part of your event, Event Organizers must know:

  • Neither smoking nor the use of open flame devices is permitted unless approved by Chief Fire Official

  • Only approved heating and cooking equipment may be used

  • Cooking in any enclosed tent, canopy or other similar structure is prohibited

  • All compressed gas cylinders must be stored in racks, chained or tied securely as a safety measure and stored outside the tent or air supported structure in a safe well-ventilated location

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers (2A-10BC rating) are required. They must be mounted in conspicuous and easily accessible locations, near exits and cooking areas. Fire extinguishers must have a tag indicating that it was serviced by a qualified company within the past 12 months. All fire extinguishers provided must be appropriate for the hazard

  • Exit Signs are required for each designated exit. Commercially available card type signs are acceptable

  • Emergency Lighting must be provided and maintained for any functions being held at night. This lighting must be located so as to provide illumination at all exits and access to exits in the event of a power failure

  • Where a fire alarm system is not provided in conformance with the Fire Code, a person will be employed for fire watch duty to patrol the area to ensure the means of egress are kept clear and to enforce the requirements of the Fire Safety Plan. This shall be done through a systematic series of tours through the identified structure. The person must have a means to communicate with the occupants in the structure, the other person(s) employed to perform fire the watch and also the Fire Department (911)

  • All electrical equipment used on site is to be CSA approved or Electrical Safety Authority labelled and maintained in proper working order. All electrical installations and connections to existing distribution panels or services are to be done under permit from the Electrical Safety Authority

  • All propane-fueled equipment is to be installed in accordance with the Propane Storage, Handling, and Utilization Code. All spare and connected propane cylinders are to be kept upright and secured in such a manner as to prevent them from tipping over.

  • Any flammable or combustible liquids on site are to be kept away from sources of ignition and kept out of direct sunlight to prevent spillage as a result of expansion

  • If cooking is required at the event, the Event Organizer must provide proof to Fire Services that fire regulations have been met, including a description of the appliance(s) to be used for the cooking or heating of food. A fire extinguisher (ULC BC Rated) must be available at every cooking site

  • The burning of candles is prohibited during any event as noted by the Ontario Fire code Division B Subsection 2.4.4. Open Flames Article (1) “….unless approved by a Chief Fire Official”

For information on what Fire & Emergency Services require, see appendix: Fuel & Electrical Safety and Fire & Emergency Services check list.

Events on municipal property must comply with the conditions set out by the Fire Inspector, Fire Prevention or result in the shutdown of the event. Event Organizers are obligated to ensure all vendors using tents at their event comply with applicable rules & regulations.