Different and separate from a Parade / Walk / Run / Relay, if your event is going to disrupt traffic flow and / or parking, you must check the box on the Application form, and complete and return:

  • Street/Municipal Parking Lot Closure Request Form

    • Be sure to describe events and activities to take place on a closed roadway or parking lot.

Police Services shall review to determine whether it will be necessary to deploy an officer to facilitate the orderly movement of traffic or if other traffic management equipment could be utilized (i.e., barricades).

Fire Services require that:

  • All hydrants remain visible and are not to be obstructed in any manner, leaving at least a 3m radius around each hydrant.

  • A 6m (18ft) wide emergency lane shall be provided.

  • All standpipe connections are visible and accessible.

Upon approval, the Engineering and Transportation Division will notify the various departments, emergency services, media, etc. of the location, date, and time and detour route for the street closure.

  • Access must be maintained for emergency vehicles at all times.

The Public Works Department will deliver the barricades prior to the event.

  • The Event Organizer will be responsible for placement of the barricades during the approved time period.

  • Upon conclusion of the event, barricades must be removed by the Event Organizer and placed in the boulevard for pick up by the Public Works Department.

  • All barricades must be assembled correctly and placed with all attached signs facing oncoming traffic.

Any street or municipal property must be restored to its pre-event condition within 12 hours after completion of the event. If the Event Organizer fails to restore the area, a cost recovery clean up fee will be charged to them.