The following guidelines balance general use of the park areas with special events, while ensuring longer term sustainability of the green spaces in the community.

Event venues should be considered on an individual basis, depending on the specific needs of each event.

The Parks Department may deem it necessary to provide on-site supervision of the park facility. The cost for this supervision, whether provided by Municipal staff or other professionals, will be charged to the Event Organizer.

To encourage good neighbour relations:

  • Between Victoria Day and Labour Day, the number of large special events with amplified sound will be limited to 8 events per year, in any given location.

To maintain green space:

  • Based on the ground conditions, all vehicles should remain on hard surfaces and only non-vehicular booths or tents set up on grassed areas

  • If an event requires vehicles to be set-up on grassed areas, a damage deposit of $1500 will be held to ensure turf recovery after the event.

  • Once event is set up, remove all vehicles from the event area

  • There will be a time lag of 10 days between large events for turf recovery

  • Ensure that the event has a waste management plan that encourages recycling

At the discretion of the park supervisor, a security deposit may be required. The rate of the deposit is related to the past history of the event, and is paid in full prior to submitting a special events application:

  • A new event, or a previously held event with no major issues or bylaw violations in the past 3 events held - $ 1000

  • Violation or non-compliance in the previous event - $ 1500

  • Violation or non-compliance in both the previous two events -  $5000

  • Events using walkways/pathways will not be allowed during the winter months as walkways and pathways are seasonally maintained only during the spring months – (April – end of October.)

  • Events who wish to book outside of parks open & close dates will be subject to an Out of season fee which will be the costs of opening and closing and cleaning facilities requested. Rates will vary depending on the nature of the request. Open and close dates are determined annually by the Parks Supervisors.

  • Walks/ Runs will be encouraged to use our linear park spaces that are designed to host these activities in the various communities.

To be respectful to the community:

  • Ensure the park is returned to the condition in which it was found within 12 hours after completion of the event. If the Event Organizer fails to restore the area, a cost recovery clean up fee will be charged to them.

To accommodate the entire community:

  • Please review the appendix: Barrier Free Suggestions and keep these in mind when planning events

  • Please plan sufficient parking areas for motorized and non-motorized modes of transportation

  • Keep in mind some visitors to your event want to see healthy food choices.

Calling for locates is required before you do any digging or pounding of stakes, tent poles or pegs in the park or green space. Contact Ontario One at 1-800-400-2255 for locates.

  • Provide the Special Events Co-ordinator proof of the underground locates 10 days prior to the event to prevent cancellation of the event.

Please respect the Park by-laws and these Parks Operating Guidelines, or restricted use may result in future years.