If your event includes a parade, a walk, a run or a relay

  • The Event Organizer must check the box on The Application form, and complete and return:
    Parades/Walks/Runs/Relays (PWRR) Form

    • Event Organizers must have read and understand the appendix : PWRR Polices & Guidelines

    • Attach a map to the application (community maps available from the Useful Links section) 

The Chatham-Kent Police Service endeavours to provide traffic control for all parades / walks / runs / relays free of charge; however, some events may be required to pay for police traffic control.

If you are organizing a parade / walk / run / relay:

  • Chances are you do NOT need to complete a Street Closure / Parking Lot Closure. Minor staging area road closures are considered part of the parade application. For clarification, contact the Special Events Co-ordinator.

  • Events using walkways / pathways will not be allowed during the winter months as walkways and pathways are seasonally maintained only during the spring months (April - end of October.)

  • Events who wish to book outside of parks open & close dates will be subject to an out of season fee which will be the costs of opening and closing and cleaning facilities requested. Rates will vary depending on the nature of the request. Open and close dates are determined annually by the Parks Supervisor.

  • Walks / Runs will be encouraged to use our linear park spaces that are designed to host these activities in the various communities. 

An Event Organizer shall not conduct, manage, or participate in any PWRR in violation of, or in any manner contrary to the terms specified in the “Letter of Approval”. Breach of any safety related legislation or policy may result in enforcement action by authorities. This could include termination of the event, charges and / or removal of the offending parties from the event.  Any breach of policy or law will affect future PWRR applications.

Any municipal road must be restored to its pre-event condition within 12 hours after completion of the event. If the Event Organizer fails to restore the area, a cost recovery clean up fee will be charged to them.