you must comply with all Provincial and Municipal regulations and as an Event Organizer you must check the box on The Application form and complete and return: 

  • Application to Manage & Conduct a Raffle Lottery

  • In addition to the completed form, submit a sample ticket to the licensing department, along with the rules of play.

The licensing fee is 3% of the total prize value.

Lottery Reports are due 30 days following the event (raffle).  They list of winners and bank statement showing the deposit into the lottery trust account must accompany the report.

If an organization partners with an eligible organization to have a lottery during the event, the lottery application must be completed by the eligible organization, and the report must follow signed by the appropriate members of the eligible organization.  Any proceeds from the event must be deposited into the lottery trust account (held by the eligible organization).

If the eligible organization fails to report on the lottery they risk not receiving permission to  operate a lottery in future.