To prevent food borne illness or infection, the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit requires the following minimum requirements. As the Event Organizer you must check the Public Health box, and complete and return:


1. Organizer Food Form and include the following:


  • Provide a site map indicating the location of food vendors, garbage receptacles, water supply outlets, and washroom facilities. 

Arrange adequate garbage disposal at a designated site (i.e. dumpster). The Event Organizer is encouraged to recycle and behave in an environmentally friendly manner.

Provide sanitary facilities in sufficient numbers and maintain in a sanitary manner:


  • 1 toilet for every 100 men

  • 1 wash basin for every 100 men

  • 1 toilet for every 100 women

  • 1 wash basin for every 100 women.


Note: hand wash basins must be supplied with hot and cold running water as well as soap and paper towels in dispensers.

Arrange for sanitary disposal of liquid waste (i.e. Leak proof containers/ holding tank) if sanitary sewers are not available

2. Complete and return the Food Vendor Contact Information Form.

This form is to be distributed by the Event Organizer to the specific food vendors to be filled out in completion. The food forms are to be completed and returned with the Special Event Package by the Event Organizer 4 weeks prior to the event date in order to ensure a timely approval. 

All participating food vendors should review the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit Special Events Food Vendor Package, which is available from the Special Events Co-ordinator, any Municipal Customer Service Representative and on-line. 

The Municipality recommends that as the Event Organizer, you request proper insurance coverage from each of your participating food vendors.

Mobile Food Vendors must abide by both appendices: Mobile Food Vendors Checklist & Guidelines for Mobile Preparation Premises.

As an Event Organizer, it is recommended that you make Food Handler Training mandatory for all food vendors participating in your event.  Discuss training options for your event with the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit. Food Handler training is FREE at the health unit.

A Public Health Inspector will contact you to review and/or inspect your event.