These are high hazard fireworks for recreation and include, but are not limited to:
firecrackers,  rockets, serpents, shells, bombshells, tourbillions, maroons,  large wheels, bouquets, barrages, bambardos, waterfalls, fountains, batteries, illuminations, set pieces and pigeons.

The Event Organizer is responsible for the fireworks display and must check the box on The Application form and:

  • Secure both a distributor who sells fireworks and a Supervisor / Technician who are authorized to discharge fireworks (an individual who holds a fireworks card from Natural Resources Canada). The Chatham-Kent Fire Department is the sole authority to approve the discharging and sale of fireworks.

  • Provide your distributor and / or technician with: DISPLAY FIREWORKS / Operation of the Display 

  • Obtain a federal application form from the distributor. The distributor will need a copy of the Technician or Supervisor’s qualifications.

  • Adhere to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent By-Law # 44-2005, and amending By-Law #140-2005. 

The Event Organizer must be aware:

  • The use of fireworks is not allowed into, in or on streets, lanes or other public places

  • Fully operational fire extinguishing equipment is to be provided and maintained at all times

  • A large display of fireworks may require a Pumper Crew on site during discharging.  If there is a cost, the Event Organizer will be charged.

For more information on fireworks, refer to the appendix: Display Fireworks & Operation of the Display for Distributor/Technician. Family Fireworks

Municipality of Chatham-Kent By-law # 56-2016

5. Discharging of Consumer Fireworks

5.1 The igniting and setting off of Consumer Fireworks as set out in the provisions of this By-law, is hereby prohibited except on 

(a) Victoria Day and the three days immediately preceding and following Victoria Day; 

(b) Canada Day and the three days immediately preceding and following Canada Day; 

(c) New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and 

(d) Such day as is proclaimed by Council for the Municipality as suitable for celebration with Fireworks.