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The Tile Loan Program

The Tile Loan Program is legislated by the Tile Drainage Act. The Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) reviews interest rates, amounts, and availability of loans annually. The current interest rate is 6% for a ten-year term. The maximum amount available is $50,000 per property owner per year, or 75% of the total cost of the drainage work - whichever is less.

Do you want to apply for a tile loan?

Call Drainage Services at 519.360.1998 to get information on the Tile Loan Program. A TILE LOAN APPLICATION must be completed and filed with Drainage Services before any tiling begins.

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Aerial photos are available for view by selecting the Drainage Aerial Photographic Mapping link on this page. You can search by 911 number or roll number. There are measuring tools for checking distances between field tile runs if they are showing on the aerial photos. Check both the 2001 black and white aerial photos and the 2006 colour aerial photos to select the best photograph of your property.