Maple Leaf Mausoleum

The Maple Leaf/St. Anthony's Mausoleum is located in Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham. It opened in 1994 and presently only a few select crypts remain available for purchase.

The custom of crypt entombment is centuries old and remains a significant choice in today’s society.

The design of the Maple Leaf Mausoleum incorporates marble-fronted crypts along with both glass and marble fronted niches. Situated in a park-like setting it creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. The facility is open by way of secured access to families who have purchased either a crypt or niche in the facility and is open to all others by way of appointment.

Please contact us for further questions or to request a private viewing.


The original mausoleum at Maple Leaf Cemetery opened in 1914. It is a solid granite building in the Gothic Greek Revival ‘style’ constructed by the American Mausoleum Company out of Ohio. At the time, it was a true showcase for any cemetery to have such a structure on its grounds. The 160 marble-fronted crypts sold very quickly. Well-to-do clients generally purchased them, as aboveground interment was quite fashionable.

Today, the structure has no crypts remaining for sale but is still an interesting part of Chatham-Kent’s past and is always a favourite stop on the annual Open Doors Chatham-Kent tour.

Construction of the Riverview mausoleum was finished in 1942. Designed by the Interprovincial Mausoleum Limited from Hamilton, Ontario the building was made of stone, marble, concrete and bronze. An article in the Wallaceburg News, August 15, 1929 referred to it as “Wallaceburg’s Beautiful Mansion of the Silent”.