Monuments at Dresden Cemetery

Many individuals have similar enquiries. Listed below are some of the most common questions:

1. Is there a fee for genealogic searches?

There is no fee for genealogy searches. These searches take time and as such, we ask for your patience as staff may not be able to complete the task at the requested time. It may take several days of longer to process a request.

2.  How do I find out where a friend or family member is interred?

The municipality maintains records for all active cemeteries under its control in Chatham-Kent. Please contact us with your enquiries.

3.  Can I use a relative's lot that I did not purchase?

Any interments in a cemetery lot require the expressed written permission of the registered Interment Rights Holder. If the Interment Rights Holder has deceased, the assistance of a lawyer may be required to acquire use of the lot. The Administrative Interment Policy is available from the Cemetery Office and will provide details about using multi-generational lots in a municipal cemetery. 

4.  Is there an annual maintenance charge for any cemetery service?

There are no annual charges made for the routine care of your cemetery rights such as grass cutting, grave levelling or similar. There are nominal charges for such matters as shrub planting or removal. Please contact the office for current prices. We may also be able to assist you with other services such as minor memorial positioning or straightening.  

5.  How are cemetery lots marked?

In the newer sections number markers made of concrete or polyethylene are used to identify lots.

6.  What are the benefits of pre-arrangement?

Making cemetery arrangements in advance of need allows for an informed decision; ensures the application of current pricing; often allows for a greater choice within any one cemetery; and of course alleviates the need to select the appropriate cemetery choices at a difficult time. Please contact our Cemetery Coordinator to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.

7.  Where can I learn more about cremation?

Contact our Cemetery Coordinator to discuss both traditional interment and cremation.

8.  How do I learn more about Chatham-Kent Cemetery Choices?

Arrange an appointment with our Cemetery Coordinator to discuss your specific needs.