Maple Leaf Cemetery

Mission Statement

Chatham-Kent Cemeteries are the primary providers of public multi-optional burial site operations and maintenance within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The cemeteries, operating on a not-for-profit basis, deliver a limited range of services responsive to needs identified by the community.

Historic/Pioneer Cemeteries

Some of our historic properties are well known and frequently visited. Whether located adjacent to well-travelled roads or found well off the beaten path, these cemeteries are truly the history of our community and an important link to our past!

PUBLIC NOTICE This is a picture of the north Creek Road entrance to Maple Leaf Cemetery(September 25, 2018)

Re: Gate Re-Construction at Maple Leaf Cemetery (Chatham)

The construction of new gate piers at the Creek Road entrances and the Indian Creek Road entrance at Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham is scheduled to begin during the week of October 1, 2018. This project is expected to take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Access to the Old Maple Leaf/Old St. Anthony sections at these entrances will be very limited during this time.

The project will consist of the removal of the old gate piers, widening of the entrances, and construction of new piers at each entrance. Care will be taken to ensure that surrounding lots are not disturbed during this time.

Gate access will become limited or restricted as necessary to complete the required work. Access to the affected sections in Old Maple Leaf/Old St. Anthony will be possible from the Maple Leaf Drive main cemetery entrance. The north bridge across McGregor’s Creek will remain open, allowing visitors to access areas that may be affected by the construction. Funeral processions will receive route maps indicating the best available route should a burial occur in the affected areas.

Any further questions regarding this project can be directed to Collin Mardling, Supervisor, Cemetery Operations at 519.360.1998.

Generational Lot Use In Municipal Cemeteries

We can assist you with inquiries regarding generational grave use. If you would like to use heritage lots, or allow family/ friends to use your cemetery lots, contact us to learn more about facilitating the process. A complete explanation of requirements to use graves that you do not own or did not purchase can be found in the Interment Rights Policy listed in the "Downloads" area. Every situation is unique, and you are advised to seek legal advice should you wish to use graves purchased by someone other than yourself.

A Note To Visitors Regarding Lot Care

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent flooding events and excessive rainfall, we are experiencing some maintenance issues in the cemeteries related to ruts and low areas. We are addressing these issues as saturation conditions improve. Grass cutting is also delayed at times due to excess moisture and pooling. Thank you for your understanding.

To enhance the natural beauty and serenity of the cemetery grounds, we ask that you respect the following:

  • Borders, fences, stones or crushed tile etc. on lots are not permitted to ensure efficient maintenance of the grounds, safety, and decorum
  • Flower beds may extend one foot in front of upright monuments only and should not exceed the width of the upright base. Natural mulch may be placed within beds
  • No structures are permitted on any cemetery lot (i.e. benches, statues, posts, wooden crosses)
  • Glass containers are not permitted on the cemetery grounds
  • Artificial memorials, standing wreaths and seasonal items may be placed on lots after November 1 and must be removed by April 1 to preserve the appearance of the grounds. Cemetery staff will remove any items remaining on lots after April 1 at their discretion
  • All plantings of trees, shrubs, etc. must be approved by Cemetery Management