Dog leashIf you are experiencing problems with a dog in your neighbourhood, the  following information will explain the process in making a dog complaint. 

What actions warrant a complaint?

Dog owners can be fined if they:

  • Neglect to purchase a Municipal dog tag
  • Fail to leash their dog in a public area
  • Do not poop and scoop
  • Permit their dog to run at large
  • Or contravene any other section of Chatham-Kent By-law 93-2015

Please be aware that your pet's behaviour may be annoying to others or in violation of laws. Calm, open communication between neighbours can go a long way towards resolving these issues.

Barking dogs

Chatham-Kent Police Services enforce the Chatham-Kent Noise By-law in which includes that excessive dog barking is prohibited. If a resident wishes to make a complaint regarding excessive dog barking the complainant should contact Chatham-Kent Police Services.

Filing a Complaint

All complaints can be sent directly to the Municipality's Animal Control Contractor, Pet and Wildlife Rescue by filling out the complaint form on their website or by calling them at 226-996-9969.

Understanding the Complaint Process

We understand that negligent dog owners can be very frustrating and that you want results quickly. Chatham-Kent Animal Control Services will work hard to resolve your issue. However, sometimes issues cannot be resolved immediately. There is a process that must be followed to give the dog owner a reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation.

Remember, you are our eyes and ears. If Chatham-Kent Animal Control Services is not aware that something is taking place we are unable to act.

Protecting your information

A complainants name is never revealed, however it is necessary that we collect your personal information. We may require further information when investigating a complaint and may need to contact the complainant. If a complaint is ever challenged in court the complainant could be called forward as a witness.