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3 sheep in a penUnder the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, livestock and poultry producers are entitled to make claims to their local municipality for livestock losses attributed by certain wildlife.

When a producer (the owner of livestock or poultry) believes that they have suffered a loss of livestock or poultry due to predation the owner should immediately notify the municipal valuers Kim and Trevor Sonneveld at 519.809.5449 or

A Valuer will then immediately make a full investigation and submit a written report to the Municipal Clerk within 10 days. A copy of the report is also provided to the owner of the livestock loss.

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program requires that a producer meet certain criteria to be eligible under the program. Some of the requirements are as follows:

  • Be a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership or unincorporated association
  • Have a valid Farm Business Registration number
  • Have a Premises Identification number
  • The weight of poultry injured or killed must be more than 25 kilograms
  • Must demonstrate to the valuer that reasonable effort has been taken to prevent incidences of wildlife damage to livestock, poultry, beehives, bee colonies or beehive related equipment to be eligible for a claim
  • Apply for compensation under the program using the application form

The program provides compensation for wildlife damage caused to:


 farmed elk  ostrich
 bison  fur-bearing animal  poultry
 goat  rabbit
 donkey  horse
 emu  llama  sheep
 farmed deer  mule  swine

For livestock and poultry, wildlife damage caused by: 

 bear  eagle  hawk  raven
 bobcat  elk  lynx  turkey vulture
 coyote  fisher  mink  weasel
 crow  fox  racoon  wolf

For Beehive, Bee Colony or and Beehive Related Equipment

Where the producer discovers their beehive, bee colony and beehive related equipment has been damaged and to the best of the producer's knowledge and belief such damage was caused by wildlife, the producer shall notify the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs within 48 hours of discovering the damage. 

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If a producer does not agree with the valuer's report, he or she may appeal to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). The producer must appeal in writing within 20 days of receiving the valuer's report. A cheque or money order for $25.00, payable to the "Minister of Finance" must accompany the appeal. The $25.00 fee will be refunded to the producer if the appeal is upheld.

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