Kennel Licensing

Residents within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent who wish to run a kennel must follow the requirements that have been established for our municipality.

Dog owners may be permitted to have more than 3 dogs if they are eligible for a Kennel Licence. Generally, a Kennel Licence will only be issued within a rural area, subject to compliance with the applicable Chatham-Kent Zoning By-law.

Kennel licenses are approved by the Licensing Department only. The Kennel Application can be downloaded on the right.

A Kennel is defined in the Responsible Animal Ownership By-law as: “a lot, building, structure or establishment in which four or more dogs are housed, boarded or bread, and is licensed .”

Where can I apply for a Kennel licence?
At the Licensing Department located at the Civic Centre on 315 King Street West, Chatham

Who can I contact?
Licensing Department at 519.360.1998

Kennel Licence Process

  • Check with Zoning Department to ensure that zoning for the premise permits a kennel and the setbacks have been met
  • Complete Kennel Licence Application –download section on right
  • Licence fee payment $100 (annually)

Kennel Requirements as per Section 6 of the Responsible Animal Ownership By-law

  • 6.1. No person shall keep a dog kennel without a licence.
  • 6.2. Every owner of a kennel shall pay to the Municipality a kennel licence fee as set out in the Municipality’s User Fee By-law for each year or any portion thereof as may be established annually.
  • 6.3. Every kennel shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and free of refuse of any kind at all times so as to prevent the arising of odours therefrom, and shall be kept free of flies or vermin at all times.
  • 6.4. Where a kennel referred to in Section 6.2 of this By-law has acquired legal non-conforming status, as determined by the Municipality’s Chief Building Official, such use for the boarding of dogs may continue without limitation as to the number of dogs boarded and not subject to the provisions of section 6.5 until such use is discontinued by the present owner.
  • 6.5. Save as provided in Section 6.4 of this By-law, no kennel may be established except where it is permitted under the Municipality’s zoning by-law.
  • 6.6. No kennel with an outside area of confinement for dogs shall be constructed or located within 10 metres of any building used for human habitation on any adjacent lot, and no outside area of confinement for dogs shall be constructed or located within three metres of any property boundary line.
  • 6.7. All kennels may be subject to inspection by an Officer for the Municipality if it is warranted and where, in his/her opinion, a kennel deviates from the minimum standards established by the Poundkeeper from time to time and published on the municipal website, the Poundkeeper of the Municipality shall be at liberty to revoke the licence herein granted until such time as the Poundkeeper is notified by the Officer that the kennel complies with these standards. The owner of the kennel shall have a right to appeal to the By-law Appeal Committee, in accordance with the process provided for under By-law #22-2015 of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, or successor by-laws.
  • 6.8. Every owner of a kennel shall keep their own tags on each dog bearing the kennel licence number unless the dog already has an existing valid municipal dog tag or has permanent identification by tattoo or microchip.

Kennel Standards

For a listing of Kennel Standards, please click on the Kennel Standards download on the right.