Roll up your sleeves and launch your adventure packed summer at the CK Museum. Who knows what our next discovery will be?

2018 Themes

Operation: Survival - July 9 - 13

Did you know a garbage bag could save your life? Can you run as fast as a hummingbird can fly? Do you know what to do if space aliens invade? This week we will answer these questions and so much more! Do you have what it takes to survive?


Museum Mash-Up - July 23 - 27

Vikings, fairies, mermaids, mastodons, and so much more! Come discover the world of magical creatures, myths and weird animals that roamed the earth.


Extreme Explorers - August 6 - 10

Use your imagination to travel to space and beyond. Every day will be a new adventure as we make our own spaceships, explore new worlds and conquer the unknown. Be ready for blast off!


Raiders of the Lost Artifact - August 20 - 24

This week there will be intrigue, mystery, ancient writings to decipher and secret missions, as we travel around the world looking for the museum’s lost artifacts! Who knows what we will see along our adventures?


How to Register

There are three ways to register for creative camps:

  1. Use RecConnect to register online.
  2. Call 519.360.1998, or your local municipal centre to register by phone.
  3. Visit the Chatham Cultural Centre Box Office or your local municipal centre to register in person.