WalkCK is a non-profit organization in Chatham-Kent, Ontario to introduce, educate, and celebrate our diverse habitats while taking time to enjoy walking outdoors in the fresh air in the natural environments offered in our community

Monthly hikes are scheduled from April to October on the third Saturday of each month. Visit www.walkck.ca for information about upcoming walks and local trails.


Chatham-Kent has many trails for walkers, cyclists, and other trail users. These trail provide positive health, environmental and economic impacts. They help create more vibrant and liveable communities.


WalkCK is looking for volunteers to be enthusiastic Walk Leaders to help. If you'd like to help lead a walking group in your area, contact us at CKrecprograms@chatham-kent.ca.

Benefits of Walking

Did you know that half of your muscles are designed for walking? It’s a simple exercise since and one that many of us do naturally everyday.

  • It’s free and can be done almost anywhere
  • It refreshes your mind and increases energy
  • It’s suitable for almost everyone regardless of age or fitness level.
  • It’s low impact, meaning less strain on your feet and joints, reducing your risk of injury
  • And it’s convenient – you can walk almost anywhere, inside or outside, at any time of year.


For general inquiries, contact us at:

Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Recreation Programs
25 Creek Road,
Chatham, ON  N7M 0L1
T: 519.360.1998
E: CKrecprograms@chatham-kent.ca