Cycling in Chatham-Kent

There are plenty of opportunities to cycle in Chatham-Kent.

Bike Month Ontario- June 1st-June 30

Commute Ontario and Municipality of Chatham-Kent invite residents to participate each year. 

The month-long campaign takes place from June 1-June 30, 2020 and encourages residents to rediscover the benefits of cycling. 

Residents can learn more about Chatham-Kent's bike lanes, trails and active transportation here:

Chatham-Kent Cycling
Chatham-Kent Trails
Chatham-Kent Trail Council & Trail Booklet

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Chatham-Kent Trail Map and Chatham-Kent Cyclist Handbook

If you would like to find one of these booklets they can be found at:

Chatham-Kent Cycling Network

Use the Interactive Mapping System to find local trails, bike paths and routes throughout Chatham-Kent.

Safe Cycling Videos

To view our safe cycling videos in partnership with Parks and Open Spaces, Public Health and Injury Prevention, Chatham-Kent Trails. For more on safe cycling please visit:
The Ministry of Transportation

Safe Cycling; riding a safe bike
Safe Cycling: using a bike lane
Safe Cycling: 1m passing law & share the road 
Safe Cycling: approaching an intersection

Waterfront Trail

The Waterfront Trail network stretches 1400km along the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Niagara, Detroit and St. Lawrence Rivers.

Community Interaction During Covid-19

During the onset of Covid-19 a lot of organizations where limited in their interactions with the youth, however, one group in particular encourgaed their youths to get active and seek knowledge. The Chatham-Kent Boy Scouts were encouraged to do their own research on Bike and Pedestrian Safety. While researching Bike Safety Guidelines they came across a lot of resources which sparked the Scouts to dig deeper into the realm of safety. 

To show the Scout Troop that their research and their drive for knowledge is valued we have included the link they have shared with us on additional safety tips for pedestrians and cyclists. The link is for an American Website so some of the information will be geared for the American demographic so please refer to Canadian Guidelines for specific information that would pertain to laws or regulations, however, this website is a wonderful resource with supporting documentation. 

Please click the link below to view the contribution made by our Chatham-Kent Scout Troup Members.  
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety for all Ages